Mississippi Baptist Foundation
Friday, June 22, 2018

4. Featured Scholarship Page

Mississippi Baptist Foundation
2017-2018 Featured Scholarship Program
The Mississippi Baptist Foundation selects certain scholarship funds to feature annually. Grants awarded from these funds are anticipated to be $1,000 per semester, with checks issued prior to the start of the Fall and Spring semesters to the colleges in which award recipients are enrolled.
Listed below are the Featured Scholarships selected for the 2017-2018 academic year.
MBF Scholarship Fund                                             Degree/Major Focus
Mary M. Kyle Scholarship                                                  Education
Bardie and Mildred Breazeale-Crawford                         Nursing
Lucille Grakowsky                                                                Unspecified
MBF Ministries                                                                     Unspecified           
In addition to the Foundation’s current scholarship policies, students who are interested in applying for one of the featured scholarship awards must meet the following requirements:
1.      Be a full-time college student (at least 12 semester hours);
2.      Have achieved senior status (within 30 hours of graduation);
3.      Submit a two-page essay/personal statement (typed, single-spaced, and in good grammatical form). This essay should focus on the following:
a.     Brief general background,
b.     The student’s salvation testimony,
c.     Why/how the selected field of study was determined,
d.     How the student anticipates utilizing their college degree in/for ministry as an ambassador for Jesus Christ,
e.     How the student has matured in their relationship with the Lord and with others during their college experience,
f.      How an MBF award from a featured scholarship would assist in the pursuit of academic, vocational, and ministry goals.
4.      Be willing to participate in an interview/visit with an MBF representative(s);
5.      Understand that an award from a featured scholarship is a non-renewable grant.