Mississippi Baptist Foundation
Tuesday, December 12, 2017

2. College Scholarship Application - Deadline: May 31



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For Academic Year:    20  -  20
Means of Identification:
College Student  ID #  
Social Security #  -  -
Submit your Application online, or print
and mail it to the address below:
P.O. Box 530
Jackson, MS 39205-0530
Phone: 1-800-748-1651, 601-292-3210


E-Mail: Phone:
Address while in school:
Permanent address:
Home church:   Home town:
Marital status:     Spouse's name:
Number of dependents:    Relationship:
Are you a licensed minister? yes  no                  Ordained minister? yes no
Are you a member of a Mississippi Southern Baptist Church? yes  no
If so, how long have you been/were you a member?    
Name of church:
Name of church where you are currently a member: 
Pastor’s name:  

Pastor's address:

(Note: If you are currently serving as a pastor, use the AMD for your association)
List all educational institutions attended since high school (if freshman include your high school):
Institution: Location:   Years
  Degree Received:
Most Recent
Current/expected college degree program:  
Start date:    Expected graduation date:
Classification by hours completed in degree program:  
Hours complete in college degree program:       

Hours currently or expected to be enrolled:  
Number of enrolled hours to be completed through online coursework: 
Check this box if you are submitting a featured scholarship application:  
(must be a senior to apply; right click here to open application qualifications list in a new tab or window)
Briefly share how you are involved in ministry as a student at your current school:
Briefly share your Christian testimony, goals, and vocational and/or ministry pursuits: 
Previous awards from the MBF Scholarship Ministry:
Gifts, scholarships and grants received or pledged from all sources for upcoming academic year:
Have you submitted a FAFSA application to the Financial Aid Office of your institution? (First-time applicants only)   
yes    no

Briefly share how receiving an MBF scholarship will assist you in meeting your educational goals:
List below the names and addresses of two persons as references such as employer, counselor, teacher,
church staff person, etc. (please do not list relatives)
(1) Name:   Address :
(2) Name:   Address:
*Application will not be complete until we have received BY MAIL:  A Letter of Recommendation from your Pastor.
I attest that the information given is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and hereby (by entering my name below) authorize release of academic or financial information necessary for the review of this application.
Applicant’s Full Name:       Social Security Number or College Student ID #:  

If you do not wish to list a social security number on the application, you may send it to us via mail.  However, we must have a social security number or the student ID number assigned to you by your college to insure proper credit of any scholarship awards.