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      My mom will celebrate a birthday this week. Her birthday has fallen on the calendar just before Mother’s Day for the past 89 years. Since my older brother celebrated his 60th birthday in February, my mom has been a mom for two-thirds of her life. As I think about my mom and you think about your mom this week, I would like to share the following tribute not only to all moms but specifically to my mom.

A Tribute to Mom

            This Sunday will mark a very special time,

So I thought I’d take a moment to pen this little rhyme

            To honor all mothers, whether close or far away,

You are loved year round and especially on Mother’s Day!


            On Mother’s Day we say thanks for all that for us is done,

And for your constant smile, as if housework is loads of fun.

            You really are something…I don’t know the best way to describe,

How you scurry from “can ‘til cain’t” taking care of your little tribe.


            Daily chores are demanding, but all part of mom’s anticipated task,

If a family member is in need, they simply go to mom and ask.

            Moms can cook, wash clothes, and clean house all before half-past noon,

No time can be wasted because the kids will be home from school real soon.


            Homework, piano lessons, and ball practice keep mom going full tilt,

The casual observer must wonder why such a woman does not wilt.

            Yet, moms press on as they gather strength for another hour,

Counting responsibility as privilege, while leaning on heavenly power.


            Mothers offer families compassion, counsel, comfort, and a loving smile to share,

Even though we, husbands and children alike, make mom want to pull out her hair.

            I suppose that mom couldn’t survive all of this on any given day,

Without being connected to the Father and taking time to pray.


            Moms really are special, (a truth that goes without saying),

Joy and happiness are your sure reward, (especially in light of what we are paying).

            Thus, as we approach Mother’s Day, 2021,



Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for my mom! Thank you for her love for me and her ministry of raising children who serve You in many different ways and contexts. May all moms listen to You for guidance, learn from You in order to instruct their family in Your ways, lean on You for strength, and Live for You daily. Amen!