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     Periodically I receive information about continuing education courses and seminars that are offered by various universities and seminaries. The topic of one particular seminar was “Lostology” which may be defined as “the study or science of being lost.”
     Folks get lost all the time whether on vacation or in department stores. Usually a map (or GPS) or a kind-hearted individual can help redirect those who are misplaced. The kind of “lost” addressed by this seminar, however, had nothing to do with travel routes or department stores. Rather, “lostology” focuses on the fact that many people are spiritually lost.
     Although I did not attend that seminar, I often ponder the reality of the spiritual “lostness” that is prevalent in today’s society. In fact, no seminar or continuing education course should be required to inform Christians that “lostness” abounds in every hamlet of our world. Both the Bible (Romans 3:10 & 3:23) and daily experiences remind us that many people are not properly related to God. In short, many folks that you know (perhaps even your own family members) are “lost as a ball in high weeds.” As such, they are unable to get on course without outside intervention.
     I appreciate educators who study and teach such subjects as “lostology.” Yet, simply being educated about lost people and collecting another notebook of information to place on some holy shelf in an office or around the home does nothing to advance the gospel.
     Christians have been given special marching orders to explore the tall weeds of life to direct lost souls to Jesus. Churches have the ongoing responsibility to reach out to their community and share Jesus. Unfortunately, many Christians have gone AWOL and many churches exist…that’s all, they simply exist. Thus the body of Christ does not function optimally and the Kingdom of God does not grow exponentially.
     What about you? As presented in Luke 15, are you willing to search for that one lost sheep or one lost coin? Do you care enough about the eternal destiny of family and friends to tell them about Jesus?
     The words of a song come to mind when I think about “lostology” and people who I have the opportunity to provide both a verbal and visible witness to Jesus. Baynard Fox wrote, “I’ll tell the world that I’m a Christian. I’m not ashamed His name to bear. I’ll tell the world that I’m a Christian and take Him with me anywhere.”
     Part of telling the world that you are a Christian is to share Christ’s love with someone else. You have the opportunity to impact eternity simply by telling another person what Jesus means to you.
Dear Jesus, Thank you for saving my soul. Thank you for making me whole. Thank you for giving to me, Thy great salvation so rich and free! May I be convicted of the lostness of the world around me and introduce others to you and influence them through my actions, attitudes, words, and deeds to respond to amazing grace. Amen.