Mississippi Baptist Foundation
Ministers Virtual/Remote Access Golf Tournament

Registration for the 2020 Mississippi Ministers Virtual Golf Tournament is now closed.

Please contact our office at 601-292-3210 for assistance.

Mississippi Baptist Foundation

Ministers Virtual/Remote Access Golf Tournament


I.  General Guidelines

A.  Event Date – a 10-day period from Thursday, 9/10 to Saturday, 9/19
B.  2-person teams with at least one member being a Mississippi Baptist minister
C.  “Best Ball” format
D.  Any course (public or private) designated as Par 70 or higher is eligible
E.  Participants must agree to abide by all course rules including guidelines concerning COVID19
F.  Tournament will consist of two rounds of 18 holes each
G.  Participants may play one round, both rounds, or neither round with their teammate:
1.  At the same time on the same course
2.  At the same time on a different course
3.  At different times on the same course
4.  At different times on a different course
H.  Based on age, players have options for tee shots as follows:
1.  70 years of age and older may hit from the senior OR ladies’ tees
2.  60-69 years of age may hit from the member OR senior tee
3.  59 and younger may hit from the professional OR member tee
I.   # of flights for Round 2 will depend on # of participants
J.   Use of mulligans are permissible provided that the player’s registration includes payment for


II.  Registration
A.   Deadline to register is September 10th @ Noon
B.   Registration may be completed by clicking here
C.   Registration fee is $25 per golfer (participants responsible for all green and cart fees)
D.   Payment should be mailed to the Foundation office by September 14th
E.   In addition, mulligans can be purchased for $5 each with a maximum of one mulligan per round      
      (i.e. 2 total = $10)


III.  Scoring
1.   Each hole carries a double bogey maximum
2.   Round 1 scores must be submitted by Tuesday, 9/15 @ 1:00 PM
3.   Round 2 scores must be submitted by Monday, 9/21 @ 11:00 AM
4.   Round 2 scores cannot be submitted before Wednesday, 9/16 @ 1:00 PM
5.   Participants playing courses designated as Par 70 or Par 71 will have strokes added to their score   
      for each round to equal Par 72 (i.e. 1 or 2 strokes per round)
6.   Players must submit a picture of their score card for each round via email (gphelps@mbcb.org) to
      be received by the MBF office by the announced deadline
7.   The lowest score for each hole (even if partners play on different courses, different times, etc.) will
      be considered as the “best ball” for the purposes of determining score-per-round for each team
8.   Flights will be determined following receipt of first-round scores
9.   Scoring will be cumulative (Round 1 + Round 2) for determining final ranking within each flight


IV.  Prizes
1.  1st and 2nd place teams for each flight will receive a prize
2.  Random door prizes also will be awarded
3.  Award ceremony will take place via Zoom on Tuesday, September 22