Investment Management

The Mississippi Baptist Foundation provides money management services for Mississippi Baptist churches, institutions, and agencies, as well as for its own accounts. If you have long term investment needs such as endowed funds and cemetery funds or short-term investment needs like building funds, the Mississippi Baptist Foundation can help.
While the Mississippi Baptist Foundation can easily handle specific individual investments for a client, we seek, when at all possible, to pool the investments from the various accounts together to take advantage of the investment efficiencies afforded larger pools of capital. To that end the Foundation manages the following common investment pools:

MBF Equity Fund                                      Service Summary Sheet

A growth stock fund, the MBF Equity Fund is designed for capital appreciation with little emphasis on income. The Fund is invested in stock offerings of U.S. and international corporations by six outside professional money managers. The Fund has as its benchmark the S&P 500 and the Russell 3000. The Fund has the following asset allocation targets:
  • Large Cap Growth 22%
  • Large Cap Value 35%
  • Global Core 13%
  • Mid Cap Value 10%
  • International 20%

MBF Fixed Income Fund                        Service Summary Sheet

A bond fund, the MBF Fixed Income Fund is designed to provide income, with little attention given to capital appreciation. The Fixed Income Fund is invested in U.S. government securities and corporate bonds by three outside professional money managers. The Fixed Income Fund is benchmarked against the Barclay’s Capital Aggregate Index. The Fund has the following asset allocation targets:
  • Government and Govt.-backed bonds 30%
  • Corporate Bonds 30%
  • Fixed Income Mutual Funds 40%

MBF General Endowment Fund          Service Summary Sheet

The MBF General Endowment Fund is designed to meet the long-term investment objectives of perpetual endowment accounts. The Endowment Fund seeks to provide a reasonable level of income, which is paid out to the many Baptist causes, while growing the principal of the fund by the inflation rate over time, thereby guarding against the effects of inflation. The Endowment Fund is invested in a preset allocation between stocks, bonds and alternative investments.

MBF Short Term Cash Fund

The MBF Short Term Cash Fund is designed to out-perform the current yields from six and twelve month certificates of deposit, as well as the 91-day Treasury bill rate. A money market type fund, the Short Term Cash Fund matches a competitive rate of return with full liquidity. The Fund is managed by the Southern Baptist Foundation.


The Mississippi Baptist Foundation Board of Trustees and its Investment Committee carefully monitor the performance of the Foundation’s investments. Performance information is gathered from three primary sources. The first source is Morgan Stanley, which provides investment performance data on all the equity money managers. The second source is Investment Scorecard, which is a 3rd party performance measurement service that takes the Foundation’s accounting data to calculate investment performance for each money manager and for each common investment pool. The third source is the individual money managers.