The Mississippi Baptist Foundation has a limited number of accounts that specify they be used for scholarships. The scholarships are, for the most part, limited to the three Mississippi Baptist Colleges: Blue Mountain College, Mississippi College, and William Carey University. The Foundation also has a limited number of scholarships for Mississippians attending any of the six Southern Baptist seminaries: New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Gateway Seminary, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Scholarship applications are available each year beginning January 1
and will be accepted through April 30 for the next academic school year.

More about scholarships through MBF

The scholarship monies held by the Foundation are endowments established years ago by faithful Christian stewards who had a desire to help young people gain a college or seminary education. In most cases the individual accounts dictate the institution, the student major, and the size of the scholarship.
If you are interested in establishing an endowed scholarship to further the cause of Christ by investing in the lives of young people, please contact us.