The Mississippi Baptist Foundation serves as the trust agency of the Mississippi Baptist Convention, offering a means whereby Mississippi Baptist can provide perpetual support for Mississippi Baptist and Southern Baptist causes until our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ returns.
As the trust agency of the convention, the Baptist Foundation promotes Christian estate stewardship, receives, invests, and manages endowment gifts, and distributes earnings, as specified by donors, to Baptist ministries. The Baptist Foundation serves as a money manager for Baptist churches, institutions, and agencies. The Baptist Foundation is directed by a Board of Trustees elected by the Mississippi Baptist Convention and is funded primarily by a Cooperative Program allocation.

The Mississippi Baptist Foundation has as its goals:

  • To maximize the resources God gives to provide perpetual support for Baptist ministries through good stewardship of assets entrusted to the Mississippi Baptist Foundation.
  • To be a resource for Mississippi Baptists for estate stewardship information and assistance.
  • To encourage every adult Mississippi Baptist to have a Last Will and Testament and to include Baptist causes for at least a tithe of their estate.
  • To provide excellent customer service and to constantly improve donor relations.