The Mississippi Baptist Foundation  |  est. 1943  |  Psalm 24:1
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      Once upon a time lived three Christian friends whose nicknames were “So What?”, “Big Deal!” and “Who Cares?” Each friend had received their rather odd nicknames because of the typical response that they uttered when confronted with a pressing need or opportunity to lend a helping hand in a particular situation. For instance, upon learning about the efforts of Michael and Traci Byrd to plant the Faith Community Bible Church in a St. Louis, MO neighborhood where the poverty and crime rates are high and where the residents feel abandoned, the first friend shrugged and said, “So What?” while the second friend commented “Big Deal!” As the third friend walked away he simply muttered “Who Cares?”     
      One day “So What?”, “Big Deal!” and “Who Cares?” were introduced to three special people who were very involved in ministry projects designed to aid individuals and families in Denver, CO…a city that has substantially more marijuana dispensaries and breweries on a per capita of population basis than evangelical churches. The names of these three special people were “Love Your Neighbor!”, “Do Unto Others,” and “Faith Without Works is Dead.” These three volunteers minister to refugees, the city’s homeless, and nutrition-insecure families alongside Southern Baptist journeyman Brianna McKinney. Relationships are being established with those receiving assistance from “Love,” “Do Unto,” and “Faith” at a nearby ministry center where Brianna serves.
      “Love Your Neighbor,” “Do Unto Others,” and “Faith Without Works” explained to “So What?”, “Big Deal!” and “Who Cares?” that resources of money, time, and personal involvement can make a life-changing difference to thousands of people not only in Denver but throughout all of North America also. As “Love Your Neighbor,” “Do Unto Others,” and “Faith Without Works” continued to share their own involvement in ministry projects, the first three friends began to realize that God desires every Christian to become involved with Him in his work.       
      Together, “So What?”, “Big Deal!” and “Who Cares?” decided to learn about other ways in which they could help minister to those in need in St. Louis, Denver, Washington D.C., Ontario, Cincinnati and numerous other locations spanning all of North America. To this end, these three visited with missions leaders at both the Mississippi Baptist Convention and the North American Mission Board. As a result, “So What?”, “Big Deal!” and “Who Cares?” became involved in mission efforts across the United States and Canada through Praying for church workers and missions coordinators who provide leadership to various ministry efforts. In addition to prayer, the three friends also searched their own hearts to discover other ways in which they could be involved personally. They discovered the opportunity that was theirs to participate through Paying for missions through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North America Missions.
      Due to their change in attitude toward and involvement with homeless and hurting people in need of hope and help, “So What?”, “Big Deal!” and “Who Cares?” received new nicknames. Their new names are “Serve the Lord with Gladness,” “I Surrender All,” and “Trust and Obey.” The three friends were pleased with their new names as they removed their “Christian” masks and began living and serving earnestly as Christ’s hands and feet.     
      These new nicknames reflect a transformed heart attitude that Christian’s should possess and put into action. What about you and others in the church where you are a member? Which of the aforementioned nicknames is the most appropriate for you? Although Easter Sunday has passed, let me encourage you to remain fervent in praying for missions and generous in paying for missions through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.


Dear Heavenly Father, May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart include a concern for those who need a touch from you through me. May my concern for them be reflected in my attitude toward and translate into action that offers help and hope. Thank you for the many Southern Baptist missionaries who serve across North America. Thank you for everyone who prays fervently for missions and gives generously to missions through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering to make you known throughout our country and continent. Amen.