Thank You Letter Guidelines

Each award recipient must submit an appropriate thank you letter to the Mississippi Baptist Foundation prior to the distribution of awarded funds. Letters should be typed or neatly written using proper grammar and punctuation. Students are encouraged to proof read their letter prior to submission. Letters should include general information about the student, such as home town, home church, institution currently attending, degree program, vocational and/or ministry pursuits, and other information (family, academic or ministry highlights, etc.) as appropriate. A sample letter/outline is included below.


Sample letter


(Return address)
City, State, Zip


Dr. Daniel Hall
Executive Director
Mississippi Baptist Foundation
P. O. Box 530
Jackson, MS 39205


Dear Dr. Hall:


Thank you for the scholarship gift from the ___________________ Fund provided by the Mississippi Baptist Foundation. The generosity of those who established this scholarship fund encourages me academically and personally.


Currently, I am pursuing a degree in __________________ at (Name of Institution). (Additional personal information)


In your thank you letter also include personal information such as:
  • Home church
  • Home town
  • Family/Parents/Spouse/Children
  • Career and/or Ministry Pursuits
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Other academic, ministry, or personal highlights of interest


(Your signature)