Do you know Him?

Jesus Christ came to earth, born of a virgin (Luke 1:30-35), and lived a perfect sinless life as 100% God and 100% man (Matthew 1:23). His status as God incarnate, the only blameless man, made Him the only One able to break the curse of sin that began when Adam and Eve–the first man and woman God created–disobeyed God. He broke the curse by becoming the substitutionary atonement for all mankind–which means that He took our place and made us right with God by putting Himself in place to receive the death our sin demands.
The Bible clearly and repeatedly states that the only way to be saved from our sinful state is to repent (confess sin and completely change course from following our own way to following His) and believe in Christ, His sufficient sacrifice and His resurrection that gives us new life in Him.
There is no prayer with words empowered to save you. Salvation is not obtained through magic words. Understanding that, if you’re wondering how to start that conversation with God, this prayer communicates the points Scripture says are essential for Salvation.
Lord, I need you. I’m a sinner, I’m broken, and I can’t fix myself. I need the forgiveness you offer that I can’t earn or obtain any way other than through Jesus’ death on the cross that enables you to see my sin on Him; seeing Him take my blame and allowing me to be pardoned and adopted into Your family.
I believe Jesus died and rose from the grave to forgive my sins and to restore my relationship with you.
By faith, I invite Jesus Christ into my life. From this time on, I want to live in a loving relationship with Him.
“But as many as received him, to them he gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in his name”
— John 1:12.
If you make a decision today, contact a local Baptist church. There are people who want to help support you in your newfound walk with Christ.