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      According to Ben Franklin, both death and taxes are certain. With respect to the former, have you made necessary and appropriate plans for the future when the Lord calls you into “higher service” with Him? Does your end-of-life planning include a Last Will and Testament that has been prayerfully and carefully prepared to reflect your faith and values?     
      Many people who can answer these questions in the affirmative are unaware of the opportunity available through a Last Will and Testament to bear witness to their relationship with Jesus one more time…even in their absence. My guess is that a lot of folks have a family member…perhaps a child, grandchild, sibling, niece or nephew…for whom they have prayed continually concerning this relative’s salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. When planning a Last Will and Testament, however, the one asset that provides true wealth… the Good News of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ…is often overlooked.   

      A Christian Preamble to a Will affords the opportunity to minister to family and friends by providing them comfort, assurance, and encouragement during a challenging and emotional time. In addition, a preamble can provide a meaningful witness to those who may not have accepted Christ as their personal Savior. While you can employ your own verbiage to communicate a powerful statement of faith, the following sample preamble serves as a guide to help you formulate your testimony.


[Sample Text]


                I, (your name), a citizen and resident of (city/state), being of sound mind and wishing to

                dispose of my property in case of my death, do hereby make and ordain this my Last

                Will and Testament, revoking all wills and codicils heretofore made by me.

                First, secure in the fact that my eternal salvation was purchased for me through the

                suffering, death, and shed blood of Jesus Christ my Savior, and that through His

                resurrection death was conquered, I commit myself to the loving care of the Heavenly

                Father. I leave those who survive me with the comfort of knowing that I have died in

                this faith and have joined my Lord in eternal glory.

                Second, I commend my loved ones to rely on God for their guidance and protection,

                confident that He will continue to provide for them despite my absence from this

                earth. I encourage them not to rely on the material things and riches of this world,

                which can provide satisfaction only for a season. Instead, I urge them to place their

                faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone, who provides both eternal life in Heaven and

                abundant life on earth.


[Body of Last Will and Testament]


Dear Heavenly Father: May I provide both a verbal and visible testimony of a vibrant relationship with you every day of my life. May the legacy of my life have a significant impact on family and friends. May the plans presented through my Last Will and Testament bear witness to you and may you receive the glory. Amen.