Who We Are

Who are we?

As the trust agency of the Mississippi Baptist Convention, the Mississippi Baptist Foundation serves as a money management partner for Mississippi Baptist churches, institutions, and agencies. Directed by a Board of Trustees elected by the Mississippi Baptist Convention, the MBF also serves to promote estate stewardship throughout the state, receiving primary funding from an allocation of the Cooperative Program.

Why a Foundation?

In the late 1930s a change in Mississippi state law opened up the opportunity for individuals to leave gifts to charity through their estate resources. As what we now call “legacy giving” was then a brand-new concept, Mississippi Baptists formed a team to help get the word out about this new option for supporting Kingdom work.
Shortly after the Baptist Bequest Committee began their service, they recognized great potential for supporting Mississippi Baptist institutions and agencies through estate gifts. When the Mississippi Baptist Convention met in 1941, the Committee recommended that a study be conducted to evaluate the potential benefit of establishing a foundation to carry the responsibility of promoting and managing endowed gifts.
Mississippi Baptists diligently investigated the idea from all angles, and ultimately resolved in 1943 to establish a trustee-led Mississippi Baptist Foundation.

What about now?

Even though several decades have passed since Mississippi law opened up the possibility for individuals to give to charity through their estate resources, many twenty-first century Mississippi Baptists have never considered their opportunities for “legacy giving.”
Your MBF partners with Mississippi Baptists on both sides of the exchange – providing education and assistance to individuals in the area of legacy giving, and supporting our institutions and agencies that benefit from the generosity of these faithful stewards.
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